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Grenade Shaker - Green

Projectile Shaker - Green (Olive Drab) - 838ml

From the folks at Grenade, these excellent exceptional licensed plan shakers are a marvellous super attractive expansion to your shaker-assortment, not one of your 'standard' goes on for a very long time before being completely un-useable shakers, these shakers, will they stand the trial of time, from protein-shakes to amino-acids and everything in the middle of these are the ideal shaker for each event!

In this super-attractive 'Green' unique 'Explosive' style, the first of its sort!! We LOVE this novel plan, shockingly better?! Space for pills, mixtures and protein. With a marked network (since why not) and a program you just can't miss, a screw-on/off cup at the base, stack together for all your preparation fundamentals in a single spot!

Microwave, dishwasher and cooler safe these shakers are ideal for conveying ALL the things!! BPA/DEHP Free. Snatch one today!