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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What will we find at Quick Protein? 

Here at Quick protein you will find a mixture of Protein Supplements and a few cheeky treats. We only work with specific Brands which enables us to provide you with quality products. 

How long does delivery take?

Once your order is placed we aim for next day delivery this of course depends on the time the order was placed.

If you do not stock a specific product can you help source it? 
Yes we can we have a large network and can help your source the correct supplement. 

Do you guys offer Fitness Packages?

Yes we do, We can offer bespoke Fitness packages for at home work outs or for the Gym, We would help you choose your supplements and brand such as Multipower or Grenade and build it around you.

Why Multipower Protein Products?

The answer is very easy, Multipower now have a drink which is packed with 50g of protein and already made. Multipower also have bars full of goodness the brand works for most of our clients and achieve the goals they are aiming for. 

Do you guys sponsor athletes ?
Yes we do, we sponsor 3 athletes who are training for the Olympic games.

Do you offer subscription plans?

Yes we do, Please email us at