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You Want To Start Running

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You Want To Start Running
It takes a lot of work to see results in the gym, but successful runners know that the best way to improve fitness levels is by focusing on long runs. Here are some tips for getting started with this classic workout technique.

1) Don't do anything else during your long run besides walking and running. This will kick your metabolism into gear and get your body used to work hard at these paces.

2) Plan an 18-mile course, so you can focus on putting one foot in front of the other, not worrying about directions or terrain features.

3) Set a scheduled time for your run and stick to it. This will prevent you from having to think about how long you've been running for, and it'll help you to pace yourself.

4) Try out the "running into the wind" method. This is similar to running while holding something (like a weight or water bottle), except in this case, you'll be pushing your body into wind resistance with each stride. Running into the wind will add up to an extra mile each day, in addition to your average 15-20 miles, because every stride pushes you farther across a course than if you were walking or jogging.

5) Make sure that your shoes fit correctly. If you have to hold the side of your shoe with your hand while you run, it's too big. If they rub your instep or if they're too loose in the midfoot, try tightening them up.

6) Don't use any gadgets or support systems that make running more difficult. Wear a watch, but don't count laps or see how fast you are running instead of walking.

7) Don't push yourself to go faster than what you would typically do at the end of a long run. A tired body is a tight body, so save your speedwork for the track.

8) Check out the route you'll be running ahead of time, so you know what's coming up and can get mentally prepared for it.

9) Make sure that you have water and some food with you on your long runs.

10) Keep your head up during a long run so that your body learns to keep its posture correctly. It should feel like a rack for holding water bottles in front of you rather than like an old-fashioned elevator operator's booth behind you!

11) Keep from overusing your calf muscles by not letting your heel touch the ground when you run (instead of walking).

12) Don't eat anything you wouldn't normally eat after your long runs. If that means that you skip a meal, that's okay as long as you make up for it with a second or third fat-burning day!

13) Running long distances is excellent, but don't let your marathon goal transform this into an excuse for drinking coffee and eating doughnuts the rest of the day. Even though these are good things to do in moderation, they'll take away from your long run.

14) Decide ahead of time whether you want to pay for race registration fees or not. The running costs can be costly if you don't plan and take advantage of opportunities like Quick Proteins Gym clothing.

15) If you have knee problems, wear a knee brace when you run. These can relieve stress and keep your knees from getting injured.

16) Try out different long-run techniques to find what works best for you. Some people like to carry a sandwich with them to never take time out for food during their runs. Others want to leave one earbud in to listen to music or audiobooks while they run.

17) Don't stay on the same running path the whole time! Mix it up by running on grass, concrete and dirt trails and using different kinds of shoes for each type of terrain (like tennis shoes for grass or trail shoes for dirt).
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