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Why we started Gym Clothing

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Why we started Gym Clothing

We wanted to create a brand that everyone can relate to if you are just starting out on your fitness journey or a pro athlete we wanted all angles covered. 

We started out Quick Protein Gym Clothing wear for our customers to feel good about themselves with us knowing we are helping our customers with their journey on fitness. 

We all know Gym clothing has become everyday activewear for male and females what we did not realise was how big it was at the time.

When we launched our gym clothing sadly COVID 19 hit, and everyone and everything shut down with no exceptions for anything, This, of course, but all the fitness world on hold but this never stopped us from fulfilling our dream of supplying the world with our gym clothing. 

COVID 19 is still here, but it is slowly going away, and the fitness industry is starting to wake back up which we all need. Our Gym clothing will be for everyone. At incredibly affordable prices, you will not be purchasing crap that is for sure many hours and months went into our designs and materials asking all our customers for feedback. We are pleased to say we are fully stocked and ready to roll out the brand again. 

Here is to 2021 and we hope it brings us all excellent health and fitness sectors to open back up. 


Quick Protein Team 

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