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Why Is Black A Good Colour For The Gym

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Why Is Black A Good Colour For The Gym
If you're like me, you don't appreciate the feeling of sweat rolling down your face and neck. You know the feeling all too well when it comes to going to the gym. That's where black clothing comes in handy for several different reasons.

Seeing as black absorbs light rather than reflects it, a black shirt will soak up most of that sweat while still keeping you cool and dry on top. This is perfect if you're avoiding an embarrassing moment when someone asks, "Why are your pits wet?".

Sweat is stinky. Even if you don't let it sit and stink, you'll eventually start to smell like a puddle. Nobody wants that, but luckily black breathable clothing is designed to wick moisture away, so sweat isn't an issue. Wearing black gym clothing while working out will prevent sweat-stink from ever getting real bad.

Another benefit of wearing black clothing at the gym is that nobody will see the stains on your shirt. As much as we like to pretend they don't happen, we all know that a good amount of gym goers have had accidents with protein shakes and other delicious gym foods. With black clothing, you won't have to worry about anyone seeing stains.

In the event that someone does see a stain, you can easily pretend it's not yours. When people see a protein shake stain on your shirt and ask if it's yours, say "No… I don't think so." or "I don't know…" and brush them off. It's not entirely lying if you deny it but can't say for sure either way.

Another reason involves avoiding gym-unfriendly clothing in general. If someone wears mismatched or bright coloured gym clothing into the gym, others may avoid working up next to them or, worse, ask why they're wearing that in the first place.

If you're afraid of people making fun of you for wearing a specific type of clothing, wear black. Black isn't a colour. It won't stand out as much as other colours and will look like an accessory instead of something that someone is wearing to the gym.

All in all, black breathable clothing is excellent for the gym and for working out in general because it's easy on the eyes (not colourful or too bright), wicks away sweat, can hide stains if they do happen to occur and because it won't get people asking questions about what you're wearing.
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