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Our Gym Wear

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Our Gym Wear

After we come out of lockdown, the main focus will be fitness and weight loss

Hopefully, reopening with the gyms, fitness will be #1 on the list for thousands of people. Our gym wear range is available for both men and women from sizes small to extra large. Our gym clothing is only made from the finest material.

At quick protein, we also stop the massive range of fitness products and supplements ranging from pre-made protein drinks to fitness bars, so we have you covered from all angles.

We currently have a special promotion on our women's complete gym sets, including top leggings, shorts and crop top.

Allman's ranges also expanded. Currently, we stock men's gym tops only. We will be looking into men's vest tops, men's shorts and other fitness wear.

We are also looking for influences to work with from all different markets, especially the fitness and gym industry. We are hoping to be stopped into the UK's largest gyms within the near future.

What will 2021 bring us? We aim to expand our range by at least 50%, including new colours, new materials and new designs for both men and women. We will also be looking into the children's market for fitness wear.

We all know the Storey of gymshark how they started off in the garage and then quickly became Europe's leading brand gymshark have done amazing things and continue to amaze everybody in the market we want to be the next gymshark, and we believe we can.

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