How to Lose Fat

How to Lose Fat I'm sure you've heard that you "should eat" 1200 calories or cut 500 calories per day if you want to lose weight. But I'm sure as you understand now, EVERYONE has different caloric needs depending on many factors.

If you asked someone who maintains their weight at 1200 calories to cut 500 calories to lose fat, they would be eating 800 calories a day, which is obviously not enough to efficiently carry out bodily functions(AKA, that is lower than our BMR). But, if you asked someone who maintains at 2000 calories to cut 500 calories, that makes a little more sense.

1. When you are trying to lose body fat, the number of calories you limit should be appropriate. I would not advise anyone to eat below 1200 calories, as it begins to affect your hormones, digestion, and metabolism. If you are currently already consuming less than 1500 calories daily and are considering losing fat, I would increase calories first for a little while, then cut them back down.

2. Remember: your body will eventually adapt. Your body is smart. It will get used to/adjust to any amount of calories you give it.

So the number of calories you cut will work… but only temporarily. For example, you cut on 1300 calories, and you are losing weight for 4 weeks, but then you stop losing weight. To keep weight loss, you have to cut calories further or increase expenditure.

Then your body will adapt again. And so on. The goal of fat loss should be to eat as much food as possible, while still losing weight. Please do not consider cutting fat if you are already eating below 1500 calories, we do not want to compromise our metabolism (refer back to my history)

3. It is not a rush. If you are looking to lose fat quickly, you're not setting a realistic goal. You should NOT be: restricting all carbs, eating "low fat", doing a juice cleanse, etc. to lose weight fast. You know what happens when you lose weight too quickly?

You gain it right back. Slow and steady is the key to a realistic, maintainable, healthy fat loss. Slowly decrease calories, gradually increase cardio, and listen to your body. I would not recommend a fat loss more significant than 1-2lbs per week. 

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