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How To Get Slim Legs In The Gym

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How To Get Slim Legs In The Gym
Everyone wants a nice pair of legs, but they don't come easy. It's hard to find the motivation to go to the gym and make them work for you, but it is possible. A few sessions will usually do the trick, and this post will show you how!

Some of us are genetically gifted with skinny legs or grow them naturally thinner than others. Lucky! But most of us need to work on our leg definition to get that lean look we all desire. It's easy to take a casual glance at the legs of some of the leading ladies and think, 'wow, I wish mine looked like that or any other woman for that matter! But it isn't as easy as just looking, and it isn't all about genetics!

Lucky for us, there are exercises we can do to help shape up our lower half. First and foremost, you must have a resistance band. They come in different tensions, so you can start with a lighter one if you are new to working out (it's also very cheap). Resistance bands work your muscles all over your body, not just your legs. The body is a very complex machine, and you can get the most out of your workouts by working the entire body at once. This not only makes your workouts more effective but more fun too! I like to think of resistance bands as a jump rope for your legs.  

How to use the resistance band
First, stand in the middle of the band with both feet together and even. Slowly move one leg or foot forwards, then back (you will be carrying both legs together). Perform 5 repetitions for each leg on each side. Perform 15 total repetitions for each leg (it may sound easy, but it's hard!), then grab another grip and repeat. I recommend performing these 3 times a week and do not bounce as this could cause damage to the inner thigh. You will notice a difference in your legs after just one session, so keep going and have fun!

You can also use resistance bands for other exercises like inner thigh lifts, gluteal lifts, outer thigh lifts (adductors) and abductor lifts.
You can even use them to work on your calves!

Different resistance levels:
Level 1- Light purple:   for beginners.   This band is comfortable to hold in hand and does not offer too much resistance. It's easy to roll up or down, depending on the level of tension you want. You can use this band for various exercises, and I start with level 1 for most leg and arm exercises!

Level 2- Light green:   offers a little more resistance.   This band is still very light but offers more resistance than the purple band. This is my favourite colour band because it makes me feel strong, and it's convenient to roll up and down as needed. Level 2 is my go-to for doing arm movements like bicep curls. It's also great for leg exercises!

Level 3- Green:   solid yet comfortable.   A little bit heavier than the levels above, this particular band has multiple uses. I use it for leg, arm and upper body exercises. This band is very durable, so you don't have to worry about breaking during your workouts.

Level 4- Blue:   firm yet comfortable.   This particular brand is the heaviest I've found at my local store, and I don't use it often. However, it does have multiple uses. It's perfect for more advanced resistance training, and you'll find that your upper arms are worked when doing leg lifts (it feels like you're lifting weights!). I would not recommend this band to beginners, but it is excellent for more advanced exercisers.

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