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Gym Workouts

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Gym Workouts
Are you struggling to start a workout routine, or are you just looking for a few ideas? This article will provide you with 10 different workouts that take less than an hour to complete. This list can be made in your living room or the comfort of your bed! All of these exercises burn fat and build muscle.

- Rowing machine: one of the most effective upper body exercises and cardio for fat loss. You can do this exercise while watching TV!

- Resistance band pushups/planks: great for strengthening your chest muscles and core strength.

- Dumbbell chest presses/front raises: this is a great way to pump up your chest without a considerable sweat.

- Planks: The plank is an excellent start for tightening your core and toning your stomach. If you are performing it with resistance bands, you can increase the challenge by making yourself move farther away from the ground.

- Pushups: the most popular bodyweight exercise for fat loss and muscle building. You can perform this one-legged exercise or two-legged if you are male.

- Triceps dips: The triceps pushdown is easily performed at home with a door frame or balance bar (for your upper body).

- Side bends: Stand up and lift your arms to your side. Bend to the right and left. This will get the blood flowing through your body and tone you up.

- High knees: jog on the spot, lifting your knees high. Do this for a full minute or more to burn fat and tone up your legs!

- Squats: This exercise engages all of the muscles in your body. It is best to perform this one at the end of your workout to keep your muscles strong.

- Lunges:  This is a low impact cardio exercise that will tone up your legs. Stand on two feet with as much weight as you can bring yourself.

- Bicycle crunches: Great core strengthening exercise! Lie down in a crunch position with one leg straight, lift the foot, keep it there for a few minutes, then repeat with the other leg. - Regular squats/balance poses: if you can not get started on any of these exercises, try regular squats or balance poses instead.

- Plank holding: Try a plank for a few minutes at the end of your workout. This will tone up your upper body and burn fat.

- Lunges with pushup: Stand up and lift one leg straight, bend it at the knee and lower yourself to the ground in a lunge position so you can bring it back up.

- Supine bridge/plank twists: Lie face down on the ground. Raise your legs off the floor, one at a time, until they are parallel to the floor. Keep lifting them throughout this exercise to increase the challenge.

- Hip bridges with bent leg lift: Lie face down on the floor. Lift one leg at a time until you are in a bridge position, then lift your knees towards your chest and back out again.

- Deep squats: this exercise can be done anywhere. Just squat down as low as you can so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. The deeper you squat, the harder it will work your body.

- Lunges/pushups: add some pushups into your regular lunges to make them more effective and fun!

- Skipping rope: excellent cardio exercise that does not require an expensive machine! Jump rope for a few minutes for a fun activity that will burn calories fast!
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