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Grey Gym Tops

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Grey Gym Tops
At Quick Protein, we believe that fitness and fashion shouldn't be mutually exclusive. We understand that you may not want to wear your shapeless gym clothes in public or come home from a workout soaked in sweat, so we've created this tutorial to help you look fresh and ready for anything after a long gym session.

Here are some simple ways to make your grey workout clothes look like streetwear instead of sportswear:

1) PREP YOUR CLOTHES – It's essential to use a stain remover on any new clothing before wearing them for the first time, as well as an antiperspirant spray before putting them on. This way, the clothes have no unwanted odours and absorb sweat more efficiently.

2) COMBINE – Mixing different pieces from different outfits can make your grey gym clothes look like a brand new outfit. If you just wear a basic t-shirt and shorts, follow up with a warm-up jacket and pair of high-top trainers. Or, if you're wearing leggings and a hoodie, put on a bomber jacket to complete the look. 

3) ELEGANCE – The best way to complete a grey workout ensemble is to wear an elegant piece of outerwear. Although it might not be ideal for your next sweaty jog, a coat can make the whole outfit look sharp! We'd recommend investing in a plain grey winter coat, which can be paired with a wide range of outfits. Try wearing it over a simple work tracksuit or with skinny jeans and boots for added streetwear appeal.

4) SENSE OF DYED – Grey clothes don't just need to look sporty; they can also look richly textured like they were made from top quality materials such as cashmere and leather if you want them to stand out from the crowd.

5) TINT – Accessorise your grey outfit by adding a bright coloured scarf or jacket to the mix. Think about how your outfit will look – do you want to go for a trendy, sporty look or a more polished, sophisticated style?  You can also add contrasting accessories such as sunglasses, bracelets and watch.

6) BRING IT ALL TOGETHER – We've created this tutorial just for you!
Take our grey gym tops as an example. To get the creative juices flowing, think about the different ways that you can blend them with different outfits and accessories. It's important to put yourself into your outfits so that they work in conjunction with your gym clothes.
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