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Feeling Good In Gym Clothes

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Feeling Good In Gym Clothes
One of the best things about the gym is that you are able to get some much-needed physical activity, which helps to keep your body healthy. But, while it may be a bonus in some cases, looking sexier in gym clothes isn't a necessary result of working out! Try these tips to make your workout attire work for you:

* Buy clothes that are flattering to your personal style. This doesn't mean just picking up any old thing from the clearance rack. No matter what type of clothing they're wearing, everyone has a personal sense of what looks good on them because they know their body best. * Choose clothes that fit well. Even if you think you're in good shape, take measurements before you buy anything so you can be sure everything fits. You don't want to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious when everyone else is looking at you in your gym clothes!

* Wear a top that goes well with a pair of leggings. When combined with shorts or a skirt, this look adds an extra layer of coverage and style, which will help keep your body covered if you're moving around on the treadmill or elliptical machine.

* Avoid anything with ruffles, tight waistbands or slits. These things can be distracting and can catch on things as you move around. Not only that, they may make you uncomfortable as well! * Consider the gym's dress code before you wear anything. Some gyms have stricter dress codes than others, so avoid any problems by checking the policy ahead of time to know exactly what's acceptable. * Choose clothes that are attractive but also functional, so you feel comfortable while working out in them.

* Avoid anything too tight. Not only does this make your legs look bigger than they really are, but it can also be uncomfortable, especially when you're doing squats and other leg exercises.

* Wear clothes that fit well and make you feel comfortable so you can have a great workout without being distracted by your clothing. * Bring an extra set of clothes in case your outfit gets sweat-soaked.

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