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Fats and Protein

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Fats and Protein
Protein – Same value used for Training and Non-training days. The amount of Protein in your diet is based on body weight. We will use 1.2 grams of Protein per pound of body weight (1.2g/lbs.).

This number will be the same for both Training and Non-training days. - 1 gram of protein = 4 calories Fat – Same value used for Training and Non-Training days.

The amount of Fat in your diet is based on a percentage of the Training Day Total Daily Calories (TDC). For this program, Fat will consist of 23% of the Training Day TDCs.

This will be the amount of Fat for both the Training and Non-training days (TDC x .23). - 1 gram of Fat = 9 calories Carbohydrates – Different values used for Training and Non-Training days.

The amount of carbohydrates in your diet is the only value that will be different on Training Days and Non-training Days. After calculating the calories from Protein and Fat and deducting them from the Total Daily Calories, simply fill the remainder of the calories each day with carbohydrates (TDC – calories from Protein and Fat = calories remaining for carbohydrates).

Fat loss nutrition example (4-1): Nicole started the program. After 1 week, she found that she maintained her current body composition at 2,164 calories on Training days and 1,875 calories on Non-training days.

Since her overall goal is to lose body fat, she will start with a moderate 2% drop in her total daily calories from training and Non-training day calories. After making the change in her total daily calories, Nicole will take a week to assess her body composition changes before making further adjustments.

Remember, a small drop in total daily calories will go a long way, especially as the program's intensity increases! 2,164 calories (TDC) x 0.02 (% decrease) = 43 calories 2,164 calories (TDC) – 43 calories = 2,121 calories (new Training day calories) 1,875 calories (Non-training day) x 0.02 (% decrease) = 37 calories 1,875 calories (Non-training day) – 37 calories = 1,838 calories (new Non-training day calories) * After calculating the new total daily calories, Nicole will now go back through and recalculate her daily macronutrient values for the coming week (Example 3)

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