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Choosing the correct gym wear

By: :Quick Protein 0 comments
Choosing the correct gym wear

We all know going tot he gym can be a difficult thing especially after COVID-19, Many of us have out on some sort of weight and many of us decided it was time for a change in diet and lifestyle. 

Choosing the correct gym wear is important for your confidence and comfort we believe that our women's and men's gym range brings both comfort and confidence. 

When creating Quick Protein gym range for both men and women we held a pole from existing customers and new customers on what color and material should we use we then come up with the idea of grey and black as it is neutral for both men and women and our pole was very clear that Grey and Black were the colors people proffered at the gym.

Gym clothing has now become a fashion statement when working out but I think everybody needs to remember you need to work out in comfort and feel confident in yourself and what you are wearing.

We decided that we will not do bright colors as a starter pack because we want people to feel confident when working out and feel good.

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